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XARGON This is the more avant-garde side of the two albums, dark cyber synth being the main attraction here with the likes of Drav Dralleon, Xetrovoid and Wolf Arm. The result here is an absolute powerhouse and I cannot recommend it enough for those who prefer spicier synth. If all else fails, good luck finding this much quality music for the price. Favorite track: Security Breach.
SUNSET is probably the more experimental side of the two, because the clash between synthwave and darksynth is the strongest here. It's like a two-part release of its own, with the Sun part being classic synthwave/outrun full of summer beaches and the Set part clawing its way to the night with darksynth bangers. Again, there are so many artists that did a great job an so many artists I have to look into more closely. Venator's 10+ minute cybernetic ballad is just amazing.
Favorite track: From The Ends Of The Heavens.
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Dreams of The Empress (Lyrics by Oceanside85) Hearts on fire While the world throws us up and down Till some dim and some burn up into the ground Let us fly up high and soar Feeling time pass and watching the leaves fall Moonchild The world is yours Moonchild It's all in your hands the sun inside us The flame in our heart They do not own We're going all night Hunting for cheap thrills Let's seize every moment Under the neon signs let's chill Let us fly up high and soar Till our dreams become real Don't miss your chance now We're going all night Dancing through the neon light Oooh ahhhh oooh Give your dreams life Give your dreams life I say cheers to brighter days Let the dark ones fade away No matter what they say let's never turn cold though they left us for dead Let's not be ghosts like them May this glass that's half full Run over onto the floor Let us fly up high and soar Feeling time pass and watching the leaves fall We shake our bones free Leaving this twilight zone And where they build the wall Let's burn it to the ground Let's look at life through golden eyes and Dream tonight
La Femme Voyeur (Lyrics by Henderson) Passing you by on a sunny day. You're looking at me from behind your shades. You think I don't know you're not really filing your nails. What is it about me that fascinates? Do I pass you by chance, or do you wait? When your eyes are closed, is it my face you contemplate? Do you like watching me?


SYNTHAID celebrates the brilliance and sheer talent of nearly 100 musicians, artists, writers and promoters in the electronic and synthwave music communities.

The money raised will be going to a truly worthy international cause. The 'Environmental Defense Fund' is one of the world’s leading environmental organisations. 

EDF address today's most urgent environmental challenges by targeting issues that affect people around the world. Working in partnership with others, they focus where they are best positioned to help, based on their strengths. They address a wide range of areas including climate, oceans, ecosystems and health. 

Check out the incredible work they do at 

I put this project together to try and inspire everybody, and to show that we can all do very special things if we believe in something enough. I hope you will all become SYNTHAID ambassadors by buying, promoting and sharing this album with everyone you know. Please remember to share the hashtag #SYNTHAID and show your support.

There were several aims for the project. The first was to raise as much money as possible for a charity that really is making a big difference in the world.

The second was to try and create something different to everything that has been released before. It had to be BIG (62 tracks, 36 originals, involving 64 different acts on 2 twinned albums), and it had to be something that really celebrated the wondrous variety of synth music to the fullest. I wanted to involve an array of musicians and acts. From some of the most well known, to some of the best up and coming artists on the scene who are all contributing wonderful things every day to this incredible music genre. I wanted to give everyone a chance to be part of it. We all know how much talent there is at every level of this scene, and I wanted to showcase that.

The final thing was to try to start a movement within the community to support the project. I have been amazed by the warmth, kindness and enthusiasm of the many people I have met and spoken to, and I truly believe that we can all work together to push these albums and share the message. If we all try to make this project a success and ask the people we know to support it and donate what they can, then there is no limit to what else we can achieve. We can be very proud to say we were all a part of something special. We can say that we had a positive impact upon the lives of real people in need of help.

I implore you to become a backer of the project by spreading the word, buying the albums and the T-shirts, and asking your friends and followers to do the same. This is not about me or the artists involved, we don't care about personal success. This is a movement. This is a way for every one of us to show the power of the internet, the power of community, and the power of believing in a cause that we can all get behind and make a difference towards. YOU are the driving force, the inspiration, the beating heart of this project.

There will be some deductions made by PayPal, Square Wave and Bandcamp for payment processing, hosting and merchandise production costs.

100% of everything else we raise goes directly to the charity. Everybody has contributed their work and their time completely free of charge.

Please give what you can, and please feel free to pay more than the asking price if you would like to. Every extra penny that you donate makes a difference to real people's lives.

Yours in synth,

Jon Farmer

All of the rights to the music on this album are owned by the artists themselves or their record labels.


released December 16, 2017

Thanks to everyone involved in this project for believing in me and supporting me! You are a true inspiration. You are ALL heroes.

Special thanks to JJ Christie for mastering the SUNSET album. Your advice, support and work ethic have been unwavering since I met you.

Massive thank you to Atom Cyber for his spectacular artwork that graces both albums and T-shirts. It was a whole lot of fun working with you to come up with such a fitting and original design.

Great big thanks to Square Wave for creating the jaw dropping T-shirts that will sell alongside the album. It's been a real pleasure to work with you.

Huge thanks to all the incredible acts on the album. We are nothing without the music! Please go follow them and give them your support now and in the future, they are all so talented and your ears will thank you for it!



Elay Arson


Night Raptor


Arcade Summer

Occams Laser



The Powerwalker

Ethereal Delusions

JJ Christie

White Tiger



Cyberdyne Fury


Dimi Kaye

Knichael Might


Echo Killer




Soldier Peril

Sacred Ape


Wolf Arm

Unholy Rat King

Skeleton Beach

Dav Dralleon

Thanks for the huge help promoting and supporting the album from New Retro Wave, Retro Synth Music, Andy Last at Beyond Synth, and also to everyone else who agreed to support the project by sharing videos and other promotional messages.

Thanks to Robbie for being the first SYNTHAID Ambassador! Your enthusiasm really brought home how worthwhile this project is for all the music fans out there, not just for the charity!

I am very honoured to welcome the legendary FLESH MECHANIC as an official SYNTHAID Ambassador. Thank you for all the ideas, support and inspiration that you've brought to the project.

Thanks to anyone that bought the albums and T-shirts and supported this incredible project. We hope you enjoyed it!

Finally, the biggest thank you of all goes to Kate for backing me relentlessly so that I could chase this dream. You are an incredible person and I love you x


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